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​Heritage Service Publications

Heritage Service PublicationsAustin-Healey 100, 100/6 & 3000 1953 to 1968 (HTP2001)Service Manual – Austin-Healey 100 1953 to 1956 (AKD4851)Service Manual – Austin-Healey 100/6 & 3000 1956 to 1968 (AKD1179H)MG Pre-War Models, MG Post-War Saloons (not 1100/1300), MG T Type and MGA 1923 to 1968 (HTP2002)MG Service Information Sheets - 1928 to 1939 (servicesheets)Maintenance Manual [...]

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“Green” eBooks versus Traditional Resources

Chapter 1: IntroductionThe Impact of Digital Media on Classic Car EnthusiastsIn this digital age, the world of classic cars has been revolutionised by the advent of various digital media platforms. Classic car enthusiasts have embraced these technological advancements, which have not only made information more accessible but have also allowed them to connect with like-minded [...]

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Flip Book Previews of the OTP Collections by brand:

Heritage OTP Model Collections (Portable USBs and Online eBooks)HTP2001E and HTP2001USBAustin-Healey 100, 100/6, and 3000 1953 to 1968https://designrr.page/?id=307733&token=2722874360&type=FP&h=8708HTP2002E and HTP2002USBMG Pre-War Models, MG Post-War Saloons (not 1100/1300), MG T Type and MGA 1923–1968 https://designrr.page/?id=307734&token=557494504&type=FP&h=7586HTP2003E and HTP2003USBMGB, MGC, MGB GT V8 and MG RV8 1962 to 1996https://designrr.page/?id=307735&token=150532765&type=FP&h=8112HTP2004E and HTP2004USBAustin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget 1958–1979https://designrr.page/?id=307736&token=1799297037&type=FP&h=7044HTP2005E and HTP2005USBMGF [...]

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Flip Book Previews of the OTP Collections by category:

Parts books are like treasure troves for those searching for original classic parts. Classic cars often require specific parts that are no longer in production or readily available at your local auto parts store. Parts books serve as comprehensive catalogs, listing all the parts and components used in a particular classic car model. They provide [...]

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​Classic Car Bibles

Classic Car Bibles: Workshop Manuals, Parts Books, and Owners' Handbooks for Specialists, Workshops, Enthusiasts and OwnersChapter 1: Introduction to Classic Car RestorationThe History and Significance of Classic CarsFor Classic Car Enthusiasts, the allure of Classic cars lies in their timeless beauty, rich history, and significance. These iconic automobiles have captivated the hearts of enthusiasts for [...]

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